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 Vacation Type
 Duration Itinerary Amount Saved
 Folding Camping Trailer vs. Car / Hotel / Restaurants
 10 days
 Washington, D.C. to Cape Cod, MA
 57% or $2,432
 Type C Motorhome vs. Car / Hotel / Restaurants
 10 days
 Phoenix, AZ to Napa, CA
 50% or $2,835
 Travel Trailer vs. Airline / Rental Car / Hotel / Restaurants
 7 days
 Atlanta, GA to Orlanda, FL
 50% or $1,581
 Folding Camping Trailer vs. Car / Hotel / Restaurants
 3 days
 Detroit, MI to Traverse City, MI
 36% or $380
 Type C Motorhomes vs. Car / Hotel / Restaurants
 3 days
 Pittsburgh, PA to Lancaster, PA
 21% or $216

Source: PKF Consuling for RVIA (based on family of four)  In addition to major expenditures required from the start to finish of each vacation, PKF factored in estimated costs of RV ownership.

With the vacation season approaching and airlines announcing additional passenger fees, RVs are looking more attractive than ever.

According to the RV Industry Association, RVs eliminate airline passenger fees for luggage, fuel surcharges, meals and in-flight entertainment, while helping travelers avoid interminable flight delays and airport gridlock.

With an RV, travelers don't have to pay for in-flight meals, snacks, baggage or extra legroom. They can bring whatever they want on board an RV, from champagne to shampoo, to their own movies and favorite pet. And there's plenty of storage space for hauling souvenirs and toys.

"Travelers leave all the hassles behind when they go by RV," said Richard Coon, president of the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association. "What they don't leave behind are all the comforts of home."

With fully equipped kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and baths, RV travelers enjoy all the familiar amenities while on the road. They can bring their own sheets, pillows and even cook a gourmet meal on board.

Even in a down economy, RVs remain popular. "In this economy, the affordability of RV vacations is especially attractive," says Coon. '"And there's never been a better time to buy."

AAA: More Than One-Third of Americans Will Take a Family Vacation This Year

Road trips (69 percent), national parks (49 percent) and theme parks (42 percent) are the most popular types of vacations for families planning to travel in the next year. 

"Two-thirds of Americans say spending quality time as a family is the most important part of taking a family vacation," said Bill Sutherland, AAA senior vice president of Travel and Publishing. "Whether it's a cross-country road trip or a dream vacation to a far-off destination, travel offers busy families an excellent opportunity to share experiences and connect with each other in meaningful ways." 

There are more than 16,000 public and privately owned campgrounds. See our campground directory .

Have a great day! 


"The real advantage of the RV is that the family's together, and you can cook and eat healthy meals," Woodbury said. "There's something about being in a little house that's very appealing. Sitting around a campfire at night is a lot more fun than sitting around a hotel room and watching TV." - Chuck Woodbury, editor of

So what are you waiting for? Let Little Dealer Little Prices RV help you make memories that last a lifetime. Call or come see us today. Our "RV Ranger" sales professionals will assist you in finding the perfect motorhome, fifth wheel, travel trailer, toy hauler, or tent camper to fit your lifestyle.

Did you know?

  • Record 7.2 million RVs on road in US*
  • 30 million RV enthusiasts nationwide
  • RV Ownership will rise to 8.5 million.*
      * Source: University of Michigan for RVIA 


Budget is the Number One Reason

RVs are available to fit any budget from the small family camper for a few thousand dollars. There is the top class A motorhomes outfitted with the very bestluxuries available today that you could spend a million plus for or better. Butgreat buys are here at Little Dealer Little Prices RV, big on selection, really BIG on saving you money.

Comfort Fills the Number Two Spot

Some people say the comfort of their RVs is better than being at home. Because in some cases you can take your Toys with you in the lap of luxury while seeing all the beauty that America has to offer. And you are guaranteed to never run out offantastic places to take the whole family.

Convenience Comes in at Number Three

Why convenience you say! Load up everything and no luggage to drag around. Toys, barbecue including the garden furniture to be prepared for all occasions in comfort with all the conveniences to make it happen.

Economy Fills the Number Four Spot

It is hard to believe that an RV vacation is economical but studies indicate when all the costs are tallied RV family vacations save better than 70%. When compared to cruise vacations, resort vacations and even travelling by car and staying hotels.

Flexibility, Freedom and Fun Takes Number Five

The relaxed atmosphere is perfect for the vacationing family. You leave the schedules at home and no lost luggage, no making arrangements being free to make it up as you go. The RVing vacationing family is truly free to stay in one place or to visit ten other places. The family gets to pick the view from the window they choose.

Best Family Getaways is Number Six

What makes the RV family vacation so great is everyone goes and has a great time together. The family together with no demands or pressure to meet a connecting flight or be somewhere at a certain time is quality bonding time.

Access to the Open Road Takes Number Seven

The family is truly free to visit anyplace their heart desires. The family has all the comforts of home close by. While taking in the beautiful mountains, riverswaterfalls, rivers, lakes, the best beaches and more.

Families are Drawn to Nature Takes the Number Eight Spot

Most all close families truly enjoy being close to nature. The wonderful world of RVing provides the most access to nature a family can have together.

Sports of All Kinds Slips Into Number Nine

If your family loves outdoor sports RVing is the answer to all the sports, bicycling, fishing, hiking, kayaking, racing of all kinds there is easy access.

Versatility Takes Number Ten

RVs are versatile and will fit in on any and all recreational choices you have. Camping in style to tailgate activities at car races and football games the RV is the most versatile option available.



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