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Route 66 RV Network

Route 66 RV Network

"Wherever the road takes you ... you can count on us"

Little Dealer Little Prices RV RTM

An Exclusive Member of North America's Largest Network of RV Dealers

Little Dealer Little Prices is a proud member of the ROUTE 66 RV Network, with nearly 150 locations in 45 states. When you buy your next RV from us you'll receive a ROUTE 66 Tech24 membership that automatically gives you Technical Assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and even holidays across the country as you travel.

Better yet, you'll enjoy priority service in over 1,200 ROUTE 66 dealer service bays manned by highly-trained Certified RV Technicians. These techs will have access to our Proprietary Parts Network allowing them to search the country for the replacement part they might need to repair your RV and get you back on the road as soon as possible.

Purchase your next RV from Little Dealer Little Prices and join an elite group of ROUTE 66 RVers who prefer to travel the road with confidence, knowing that no matter where the road takes them ... they have a friend they can count on.

Route 66 Tech 24

Much like a house, owning an RV comes with many unexpected and unplanned problems. Often, these issues don't require a professional to make the repair, just someone to diagnose the problem and offer direction for a Do-it-Yourself repair.

To help you save money and time addressing these common RV equipment failures, the ROUTE 66 RV Network has developed Tech24. Our Tech 24 program is available 24 hour/7 days a week and will immediately put you in touch with a Certified RV Technician who can share their expertise with you without visiting a dealership's service department.

Unlike calling your home dealer for advice, Tech24 is never closed nights, weekends or holidays when most issues seem to surface. Also, our technicians aren't busy working on other RVs or managing a campground while trying to assist you with your problem. You get 100% of their attention.

If more advanced help is needed we can have a Master Certified RV Specialist call you back within a specified timeframe.

Better yet, it couldn't be easier and more convenient to use and there's no limit on the length of the five service calls you can make per year. Our goal with every call is to help you correct your problem and get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

IN ADDITION... every ROUTE 66 Tech24 membership comes with all the benefits of the ROUTE 66 RV Club. Discounts on campgrounds, parts & accessories, rental cars, RV insurance, golfing, pet insurance, RV wash services and more.

Route 66 Customer Care Promises

  1. You'll be treated by every ROUTE 66 dealer as though you purchased your RV from them.
  2. You'll get a discount on non-sale parts/accessories purchased over the counter in ROUTE 66 stores (not including service and special order parts).
  3. Every effort will be made to diagnose your RV's problem and place it in the service schedule within one service business day of your arrival.
  4. We will assist you in securing nearby accommodations and local transportation, if needed, while the service is being completed.
  5. We will make arrangements for you with another local service provider if that ROUTE 66 member dealer is unable to perform the service due to manufacturer warranty or other service requirement.
  6. We will honor the ROUTE 66 RV Network Ten Commitments as stated on posters displayed in all network dealerships.

Route 66 Parts

Unlike the automobile industry, one of the major challenges in servicing RV's is the immediate availability of manufacturer specific (proprietary) parts. Since the number of RV's sold is just a fraction of the number of cars, large inventories of replacement parts are not always just sitting on shelves ready to be shipped. Instead, these parts are either manufactured on demand or in individual dealer inventories unaccounted for by the distribution channels.

Recognizing this problem, the ROUTE 66 RV Network dealers work together to try to locate and supply these parts to one another as needed. While not all parts can be quickly sourced and received, this unique parts channel can often times help the dealer keep your RV on the road.

All ROUTE 66 Parts Managers have an extensive catalog so they can quickly identify all of the dealers in the network that handle the parts they may need for your specific RV brand. This enables them to contact those dealers and have the part sent, if in inventory, or ordered and shipped from the manufacturer to complete the service job. The part could even be shipped to another dealer along your travel route and have the part installed at another dealer later in your trip.

This capability is only possible when you have a large team of cooperating dealers who are all after one thing ... your satisfaction. That's the ROUTE 66 RV Network difference.

These aren't just shallow platitudes, but solid network-wide promises that each dealer makes to one another, as well as to all traveling ROUTE 66 customers.  Each dealer prominently displays these commitments in their dealership to publicly reinforce their dedication to the following:

  1. Conduct all business activity with the highest level of personal and corporate integrity.
  2. Treat every customer and supplier as we would want to be treated.
  3. Present our products and services in an honest and fully disclosed manner.
  4. Address any and all customer or supplier concerns with a civil and open attitude.
  5. Fulfill all promises, commitments and warranties made to our customers, suppliers and community.
  6. Fully comply with all laws that govern the operation of this dealership.
  7. Communicate with all sales and service customers in writing when at all possible, when providing estimates and quotes.
  8. Give every customer the best value possible for his or her investment.
  9. Never stop striving to improve our customers' sales and service experience.
  10. Be a positive voice in our community for the benefits of RVing.

Operating under these commitments is not new to any of the ROUTE 66 dealers you may visit.  Quite frankly, long before this network was formed, each of our dealers had already earned solid reputations for running honest, customer-focused dealerships.