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Road Conditions

Road Conditions

We know when traveling in your RV, road and weather conditions are subject to change and part of the fun is exploring not only the United States, but Canada and Mexico. We'll be adding links for Road Conditions across North America. So check back if your location isn't currently posted.

If you are traveling to Mexico and you plan on doing even a small amount of driving, you should be aware of how the driving conditions are and how the road conditions in Mexico can vary from street to street. The roads in Mexico are far different from the roads in the United States because they aren't government protected in many ways. In the United States public roads and Interstates have to fit a certain criteria and they must reach specific standards; while in Mexico the road you are driving on may not have been updated in several years!

If you are used to US driving then you may be curious as to why many drivers are flashing their lights at you. In Mexico flashing your headlights means you want to pass someone. So when the driver behind you seems like he is pestering you with flashing lights, just let them by and realize that it is just part of the driving custom of the country. Generally, a left turn signal is an invitation for you to pass, not an indication of the driver's intention to turn left... if you don't see a road ahead to the left, then it's a signal for you to pass. I love this example of Mexico's inherently courteous people's ways.

Having Mexican auto insurance is a good idea when you head down to Mexico because of these dangers associated with the road. Don't forget your passport. Be careful of bad conditions, try to drive during the daylight and be a defensive driver!

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