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Trade Your RV

What's My Trade In Worth?

Here at Little Dealer Little Prices RV we love trade-ins. Many owners overestimate the condition and value of their RV, so it's smart to do a little research. There are quite a few online resources that can provide you with general guidance and help you estimate how much you can get for your RV.

get an offer for your RV, bring your RV to Little Dealer Little Prices for an appraisal. Our trained appraisers take into account the following factors when evaluating your RV and determining your offer

  • Current Market Conditions
  • RV Condition
  • Accident History
  • How well it's been maintained, inside and out. If repairs are needed, we may adjust our offer accordingly.

Minor imperfections have little impact on our appraisal offer, but major defects like frame, broken appliances or hail damage do.

There are pros and cons to selling your RV yourself. Going through Craigslist or similar websites may get you more money for your RV. But for many people, the amount of time it takes and the uncertainties of dealing with strangers make it simply not worth the hassle.

Many of our customers come to Little Dealer Little Prices RV for an appraisal as a starting point.

Getting last-minute maintenance or a thorough cosmetic detailing may help your RV make a positive first impression on potential private buyers. To our appraisal team, however, the long-term maintenance and care of your RV is what's most important in determining our appraisal offer.

Certain upgrades like satellite, solar panels and extra AC's may be beneficial when you're ready to sell.

Depending on the type of vehicle, new wear-and-tear components like brakes and tires can be a plus.

For the average recreational vehicle, replacing these items may not significantly affect our appraisal offer. If you have any questions about your RV's appraisal, your Little Dealer Little Prices RV appraiser can provide you with a detailed explanation about the factors that influenced your offer.

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