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RV Learning Center

RV Learning Center

Have you been wondering what in the world your fellow RVers are talking about? Little Dealer Little Prices RV Dictionary Glossary has compiled RVing Terms alphabetically and by topic.

Affordable | Owning an RV makes economic sense. You are able to travel while spending significantly less. You have unlimited flexibility, even on a limited budget. Depending on the type of RV they own, a family of four can save up to 59% on vacation costs over other forms of travel, and a couple can save up to 47%. That's after factoring in RV ownership costs, including payments, insurance, maintenance, tires, tax breaks, registration and depreciation.



Step 1: Relax. That's what RVing is all about.
What makes you, "you"? Are you a gourmet cook? Planning to bring the kids? Do you enjoy tailgating at concerts or games?

Step 2: So many options. Where to start?
Dream big...dream small. Find the RV that's just right. A few more questions by our RV professionals will narrow the RV options.

Step 3: Sometimes seeing is believing.
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Engine Oil Cooler | A heat exchanger, similar to a small radiator, through which engine oil passes and is cooled by airflow.

Equalizing Hitch | A hitch that utilizes spring bars that are placed under tension to distribute a portion of the trailer's hitch weight to the tow vehicle's front axle and the trailer's axles. The hitch is also known as a weight-distributing hitch. Pretty much a required piece of equipment (in our opinion) for tag / bumper pull type trailers in excess of 5,000 pounds. This changes the "attitude" of the hitch, leveling the tow vehicle / trailer combination

Exhaust / Jake Brake | There are two types of brakes; exhaust and engine. An exhaust brake is a butterfly in the exhaust pipe that creates back pressure, holding back the vehicle. A true "jake" is an "engine brake". That is a system built into the valve train of an engine during manufacture. An exhaust brake can be added after market. An engine brake can only be a part of the original engine manufacture. Exhaust brakes are frequently called "Jake brakes" in a casual slang usage.

Fifth-Wheel Trailers | Fifth-wheel trailers are designed to be coupled to a special hitch that is mounted over the rear axle in the bed of a pickup truck. These trailers can have one, two or three axles and are the largest type of trailer built. Because of their special hitch requirements, fifth-wheel trailers can only be towed by trucks or specialized vehicles prepared for fifth-wheel trailer compatibility.

Final Drive Ratio | The reduction ratio found in the gearset that is located farthest from the engine. This is the same as the axle ratio.

Fiver | Other name for fifth wheel.

Fixed Bed | A built-in feature, a fixed bed does not need folding and storing during the day.

Fly Screen | A mesh screen that fits a window frame, a fly screen, covers a window and lets fresh air in while keeping flies and other insects outside.

FMCA | Abbreviation for Family Motor Coach Association.

Folding Tent Trailers | A style of small trailers, with canvas sides, often with a hard roof, that fold up/collapse into a very compact package for transport. Also known as Pop-up or Camping Trailers. Where the walls sort of telescope up to full height when you set up in camp. Collapsing back down approximately 50% for travel. Perfect RV for HOAs (Home Owner Associations).

Frame-Mount Hitch | Class II and higher hitches are designed to be bolted to the vehicle frame or cross members. This type of hitch may have a permanent ball mount, or may have a square-tube receiver into which a removable hitch bar or shank is installed.

Fresh Water | Water suitable for human consumption.

Full Hookup | Term for campground or shore accommodations offering water, sewer/septic and electricity; also refers to a RV with the abilities to use "full-hookups".

Full-Timing | Living in one's RV all year long. These RVers are known as full-timers or (in our opinion) the luckiest people on earth.